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Whether you are producing tracks for the dancefloor or designing sound for multimedia, this creative sound design module gives you the tools to develop your own unique style. Fully up to date with the Komplete 9 package, we'll travel way beyond the presets, allowing you to realise any sound you have heard or have in your head. Native Instruments have created world renowned devices such as Massive and Kontakt that offer supreme capabilities. As NI devices are most often used as plugins within DAWs, we show you how they integrate with both Logic & Ableton and also include examples of comparative sound design & FX. Over 8 weeks, this course focuses on the following NI devices: Monark, Massive, FM8, Kontakt 5 and Reaktor. You'll create ensembles from scratch including patching, creating the oscillator section, adding filters, LFO and sampling. Using factory ensembles we will be using the Audio Recorder, Random Step Shifter, Massive 1.1, Vectory and Travelizer. In Guitar Rig we examine Reflektor, Transient Master and Traktor’s 12. The course also tackles Absynth in these sections: Basics of Sound; Filters & EQs; Subtractive Synthesis; Additive Synthesis; FM Synthesis; Sampling - including Timestretching and Creating Your Own Kits. You'll design kicks, snares & hihats, rise FX, basses, electric pianos, pads, synth stabs, evolving textures. It's taught by music industry professionals who have played in venues all around the world and created sound to picture for a wide variety of media outlets including BBC, Channel 4 and others. You’ll also receive at least 36 exclusive downloadable project examples, patches & samples to keep. And with Point Blank pitching your work to our ad agency partners, this course gets you working in the music industry.

Includes over 8 hours of high quality video tutorials / weekly feedback / frequent DVR™ (1-2-1 video feedback) / 8 hours live masterclasses /1 year access / over 160 pages of course notes / 24/7 access to forum / exclusive audio resources to download. Submit your track/s to Point Blank Music distributed by iTunes, beatport, Juno Download and Amazon.


What is Sound Design?

  • What is a sound designer; what is sound design?
  • Tools for sound design
  • Sample packs and copyright
  • Ear candy; ear tests
  • Production sounds; famous sound designers
  • The basics of sound; Filters and EQ
  • Filter sweeps; rise sounds

FM Synthesis with the FM8

  • What is FM?; basics of FM synthesis
  • FM parameters; harmonics & inharmonics
  • Creating a simple bass; the fine and feedback controls
  • Synthesising a kick drum, snare & hi hat
  • Creating FM risers; synthesising an electric piano
  • Creating a 'classic' FM bass sound; creating an evolving texture in FM
  • Using formants to creating a dubstep talking bass

Creative Sampling and Modulation in Kontakt

  • Interface tour; loading and saving Instruments
  • The script editor; mapping samples
  • The wave editor; creating loop sections
  • Assigning midi control; modulation basics
  • Zone envelopes; the DBD envelope
  • LFOs

Adventures in Rhythm, Pitch and Time

  • Timestretching
  • Introducing Time Machine
  • Time Machine (tempo synchronisation)
  • Time Machine (Using Mono + Legato)
  • Time Machine (Time and Pitch Twisting)
  • Time Machine and Modulation
  • Beat Machine - enhanced by Groups
  • Creating an 'Electronic' Drumkit
  • Tone Machine

Introduction to Reaktor

  • Standalone mode
  • A tour of the interface
  • Loading and saving snapshots
  • Ensembles & instruments
  • The Audio Recorder - saving the audio to a WAV/AIFF file
  • Reaktor as a virtual instrument or effect in Logic and Ableton
  • Randomstepshifter
  • Massive 1.1
  • Vectory
  • Travelizer

Building an Analogue Synth in Reaktor

  • Building fundamentals
  • Creating the oscillator section; voice mode & envelope
  • Oscilloscope: see the sound; volume and mute for the oscillator
  • Adding a filter and a filter envelope; master oscilloscope
  • Additional oscillators; adding LFOs and the master volume
  • Visual design; creating snapshots

Reaktor Sampling and Creative Effects in Guitar Rig

  • Sampling in Reaktor; the sample map
  • Travellizer revisited
  • The sampler module; the sampler loop module
  • The Guitar Rig Interface; presets and components
  • Reflektor
  • Transient master
  • Modifiers
  • Traktor's 12


  • Tour of the Interface; preset navigation
  • Mutator
  • The patch window
  • Envelopes in Absynth
  • Working with waveforms
  • LFOs
  • Effects
  • MIDI and host control

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  • Weeks: 8
  • Fees: £695.00
  • Available Dates
  • 10th November 2014
  • 8th December 2014
  • 5th January 2015
  • 2nd February 2015
  • 2nd March 2015
  • 30th March 2015
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